Hello! My name is Vanessa Partida, a triathlon athlete and creator and founder of iAMHealthy&Fit. iAMHealthy&Fit started at the beginning of 2013 but why and how this started?

I have always been involved in sports since I was little. I played competitive tennis since I was 10 years old but after playing tennis for so long and competing in college for two years, I decided to try other sports. I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do next, but one day I decided to go for a run and the COD cross country coach, Wendi Hill Ansley, saw me running and asked me if I wanted to run for the Cross Country Team.  I said in my mind, why not!?  I went for the tryouts and later, I decided to join the COD Cross Country Team.

I didn’t know I love running so much!  I ended up being the number one runner at COD Cross Country team and at the end of the season, I was named the MVP… (I know this might be funny for some and not for others but when I received this award, I had not idea what MVP meant. I was like  “uh! thank you!” lol)

Joining the COD Cross Country Team allowed me to meet other amazing athletes! One of them was Adara Garcia. She was an Olympic Triathlon Athlete. She is actually the one that introduce me to triathlons. I can’t remember exactly how my interest in triathlons started, but I do remember started training with Adara and her boyfriend. Adara asked me if I had a road bike and I was like, “uh, I have mountain bike” lol! To make the story short, she let me borrow one of her bikes and this is how it all started!

I knew I could do triathlons…I said to myself: “if I played competitive tennis, I can do a triathlon!”, “I know how to ride a bike too…I can do this!”, I used to swim competitively in High School…I can do this!”, “I ran Cross Country…I can do this!!!”

Well, I realized later that it takes more than just knowing how to swim, ride and run!

I don’t remember the exact day or year but this day was going to be my first triathlon! We had to swim in a lake AND I had never swum in a lake before (well yeah, but not like this) I jumped in the water and…well, first it was the smell of the water. Second, it was me not being able to see anything underneath the water and that scare me the most! I didn’t know how deep the water was and even though I knew how to swim, I started to feel really scared. Yes, I couldn’t do it!  A few years had to pass for me to try again. I knew someday I was going to go back to make it happen and I was right! The time came again!

I have been wanting to compete in triathlons for so long that I finally decided to start training on my own. (Adara and her boyfriend moved back to Mexico) I was so motivated that in January 2013, I had the idea of inviting people to train with me to keep me more motivated. So, this is how iAMHealthy&Fit idea started.

When the group started to grow, I had the opportunity to meet two triathlon athletes, Sergio and Alan. I mentioned to them that I have been wanting to compete in triathlons and soon after, I was training with them! I was actually the only girl in their group!  We competed in a few triathlons together as a team but in 2014, the group decided to split. When this happened, I continue training on my own but for some reason, I lost a bit of motivation. I tried to join other groups but I still wasn’t really motivated.

Then, one day while looking at some pictures on Instagram, I saw a picture of a bike that got my attention. It was a picture of an organization called, 99%RIDE. This organization was raising funds to help kids from Central and South America. The founder was riding from Alaska to Argentina while his teammates were raising funds. I thought this was so amazing! I decided to contact 99%RIDE. I wanted to give them one of the bags I designed as a present. I was going to send the bag to them via mail but when I knew I could ride with them too, I decided to go to LA to give them the bag personally.
A few days passed and Samantha, from 99%RIDE, contacted me and asked me that if I had any other idea to help them raise funds, to let them know.  Well, it didn’t take long for me to think about an idea!
I needed a motivation to keep riding my bike and it felt good to try to help so… an idea was born! 😀  I contact them again and told them I could help!  I offered to ride my bike and raise $1 for every mile I ride. (I know, this goal might not have been very realistic, but I still wanted to try!)

I started to ride on April 02, 2014. Unfortunately, that same day I had a bike accident. I severely injured my elbow, broke my nose and had other injuries that required time to heal.

Once I recovered from this accident, I decided to continue riding. The goal: Ride 8,700 miles and help raise funds. Well, to make the story short, it took me one year and seven months to complete 8,761 miles. Yes, the goal was achieved but my goal to raise the funds was not achieved…

So what is next for iAMHealthy&Fit?

I will be taking it easy due to some issues I have been having with my foot, knee, and back (mostly all related to my bike accident) Since my doctor recommended me to practice yoga to help me relive my back pain, I decided to continue practicing yoga for this whole year.  I will also be going for easy swims and not running as it is what hurts my body the most. Until my body feels strong and ready again… I will see you all again soon.

Vanessa P. (aka, iAMHealthy&Fit)

Vanessa Partida


Events I have completed:


Tour de Palm Springs 2010 – 50 Mile Bike Ride
Tour de Palm Springs 2012 – 100 Mile Bike Ride


Tour de Palm Springs 2013- 100 Mile Bike Ride
Tour the Big Bear – 100 Mile Bike Ride
24Hour Fitness Indoor Triathlon – 1st Place
Hits Triathlon – Lake Havasu – 3rd Place
Hits Triathlon – Palm Springs – 4th Place


January 1st, 2014 – The Hangover Unofficial 100 Mile bike ride to Box Canyon
March 1st, 2014Desert International & Sprint Triathlon – Sprint Triathlon – 8th Place
March 29th, 2014 – I made the goal to ride 100+miles a week and raise $1 per mile
April 2, 2014 – Bike accident. Broke left elbow (surgery needed) fracture nose and had other injuries that require time to heal
September 17, 2014 – I started to ride again after I fully recovered from my accident injuries. My goal: To ride 100+ miles a week with the goal to complete 8,761 miles…but this time, on my mountain bike.

2015- 2016 –  Rode 100+ miles a week with the goal to complete 8,761 miles

April 17, 2016. – Completed my goal! 😀 I rode 100+ miles a week and completed 8,761 miles in 1 year & 7 months.

2017  This year will be all about healing the body! Since I stared to run more, I have been experiencing a few technical difficulties with my body.  For this reason, my goal this year is to heal the body by practicing yoga, meditate every day and try to eat fully raw food. Follow my journey here: www.iamhealthyandfit.com



As I would like to continue persuading my goals, for every iAMHealthy&Fit items you purchase, you are supporting me to continue competing in triathlons events. Also, for every t-shirt you purchase, I will donate $1.00 to the hospital where I had my surgery. More information about this coming soon…. – See more at: https://vanessapartida.com/i-am-healthy-and-fit/?preview=true&preview_id=72&preview_nonce=3a7ce09eb3#sthash.lTAOPwlL.dpu

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