100 Miles a Week/8,761 Miles Total Completed


iamhf_instagram-picture100 Miles a Week/8,761 Miles Total Completed


After waiting for 4 loooong months to fully recover from my bike accident, I decided to continue with my goal: Ride 100 miles a week until I reach 8,700 miles.

I started riding my bike again on September 17, 2014 and with lots of ups and downs and many challenges along the way, I was able to complete 8,761 miles on April 17, 2016.

What inspired me to do this? 99%RIDE. 99%RIDE is an organization that raise funds & awareness for children in need. Rider, Dirk Spits had to ride 17,000 miles starting from Alaska all the way to the end tip of Argentina. He and his team were raising funds along the way. This was very inspiring for me, specially because during that time, the team I used to ride with decided to split and felt I needed a motivation to continue training on my own.

My other goal was to raise $1.00 per mile I ride and help this organization. I was able to complete 8,761 miles but not really able to raise $1.00 per mile. But, life is not yet over. There are lots of new things happening and I know I will be able to reach this goal too someday.

So, what is next? 😀

Well, I really want to double those miles but first, I have to take a few weeks off to take care of a few things and then I will continue riding!

Below is a chart that shows the miles I rode and the time it took me to complete 8,761 miles.

Thank you all for your support!

Vanessa Partida (aka, iAMHealthy&Fit)




Rides for 99percentride